Goodwill • Belgrade, Montana

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Jeff McNee
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About the property:
This Goodwill is 18,410 square feet and acts as a retail location and donation center.

Located in Belgrade, Montana, and easily accessible from US-I90 East. Belgrade has seen steady growth over the past few years. Sitting just 11 miles from Bozeman, where growth has exploded, Belgrade has been getting more and more attention lately. Some of the growth is due to home buyers getting priced out of Bozeman’s real estate market, but a lot of it is because people are looking for a different way of life.

Goodwill Industries International Inc., or shortened to Goodwill, is an American nonprofit orginization that provides job training, employment placement services, and other community-based programs for people who have barriers preventing them from otherwise obtaining a job. Additionally, Goodwill Industries may hire veterans and individuals who lack education or job experience or face employment challenges. Goodwill is funded by a massive network of retail thrift stores which operate as nonprofits as well.

Goodwill operates as a network of independent, community-based organizations in South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, the United States, Canada and eight other countries, with 156 local Goodwills in the United States and Canada. It slowly expanded from its founding in 1902 and was first called Goodwill in 1915.

In fiscal year 2018, Goodwill organizations generated a total of $6.1 billion in revenue, of which $5.27 billion was spent on charitable services, and $646 million was spent on salaries and other operating expenses. Services constituted 89 percent of expenses. In 2015, the group served more than 37 million people, with more than 312,000 people placed into employment.

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