Private Equity Investments


H&S Financial Corporation has a long history of investing in private, start-up companies ranging from diverse businesses such as organic food production to Internet start-ups to completely, revolutionary computer technology development.  H&S Financial Corporation’s goal is to provide operating capital for young companies, aiding them in their product or service development, expansion or other growth considerations. H&S Financial Corporation’s private equity investments are a key component to its overall investment strategy as they can provide great diversification.

In addition to direct private company investment, H&S has also invested in several hedge funds.  These provide the ability to reduce overall market risk, add diversification and provide uncorrelated returns from the overall broad market indices.  Investments in hedge funds have included long-short equity, event driven, convertible funds, arbitrage, global macro, debt funds and fund of funds.

Private Equity investment allows H&S Financial Corporation to diversify its investments outside of its core commercial real estate holdings.

If you think that your private equity opportunity may be of interest to us, please email us at info(at)